Birthday Party!

"rite-of-passage Challenge"

2018 party dates are available now!

The location is at the
 TWA Forest Adventureland

at Los Gatos Farms
(See Map

Dates all year: Saturday/Sunday afternoon party-times are flexible, at least 2 hours as needed. Ben recommends 12pm to 2:30pm with a hotdog campfire lunch. 

Discount Dates: Tuesdays or Wednesdays from June 12 to August 22, 2018, 3:30pm to 5:30pm, with BBQ campfire at 5pm. 

These parties begin or end with cooking hotdogs and/or marshmallows, etc, on a campfire. The hosting parents provide all food. 

Your Rite-of-Passage Party will be legendary. 

Package includes at least 2 hours of fun Skill Challenges in AdventureLand!

Here are some of our elite Survival Challenges for YOUR Rite-of-Passage: 

  • Tomahawk the Piñata (age appropriate choice of metal or plastic Tomahawks). 

  • Attack the Watermelon (Tomahawks or Throwing Knives). 

  • Bow-n-Arrow Big Bang (Balloons, or high-pressure targets for big kids). 

  • Knife Throwing Contest (heavy plastic or metal knives). 

  • Learn Wild Animal Calls & How to Fight a Bear. 

  • Become a Blowgun Marksman.

  • Try our Jungle Zipline and Tree Walk Slackline. 

  • Achieve Fire-by-Friction, (followed by campfire BBQ). 

  • Fire-Roasted Marshmallow Challenge. 

  • Birthday Boy (or Girl's) Rite-of-Passage Ceremony. 

Note that the Survival Skills will be age appropriate. We strive to do all of the activities listed above during party if the kids are able. We provide Pinata, tomahawks, archery, etc as listed. Parents provide cake, hotdogs, marshmallows, piñata candy, one large watermelon target, guest gift bags, or other theme items as desired.

Please text or email Claire to confirm availability of your preferred date before booking.  408-898-8204

2018 Birthday Party Package (3:30pm Tue or Wed, or Sat/Sun 12pm)
Average guest ages:
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Simply book the Base Rate for 8 guests, and pay for additional guests by check or PayPal on the day of the party. 

One parent may attend the event at no charge per 4 paid minor guests.

We count all persons ages 6-and-up as official party guests. Except up to three age 5-and-younger siblings/cousins of the Birthday-Kid may attend at no cost if supervised by a designated adult at all times).

For safety, all other children present should be age 6-and-up. The best ages for our program are 8 through 11. And yes, adults get to play too! We shoot real arrows and the guests build a real campfire by rubbing sticks together. It's real fun!

Adults Groups:  Yes you can! Book an outdoor party at the farm with the PayPal Button above. Your adult or family group will get to do all of the epic fun stuff that you see in our photos and videos. Your group may also request a custom class in any of our skills, at our standard Birthday Party rate. 

Please call/text or email Claire to confirm availability of your preferred date before booking.  408-898-8204

Parents must sign the Waiver for their own children only. Please click HERE
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