Tribal Wisdom Academy
Mondays 2018

LIMITED SPACE.  Start anytime!
Ages 8 to 12+ 

(Younger siblings under age 8 may sign-up if accompanied by a parent, and if safe around tools and campfires).

See this video from an Epic Monday Class.

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Mondays are Noon to 3:45pm, with a lunchtime campfire at noon. Please bring your own lunch (nut-free) to toast/roast over a campfire. Or arrive at 1pm for just the class. 

Note: Ocean Grove Charter School families can get the same prices listed in the PayPal Button by getting a purchase order from your school. (Tribal Wisdom Academy is Vendor # 15848). Contact or 408-898-8204 if you have any questions. 

Outdoor Maker Labs & Classes
(Max 12 students)

SPRING 2018:
April 16 - STONE AGE Survival
April 23 - Earth Day NATURALIST
April 30 - ROCKET STOVE Science
May 14 - Primitive ARCHER
May 21 - MAKER LAB

WHY attend these Tribal Wisdom Academy Mondays in Los Gatos:  
Somewhere in the depths of prehistoric time, kids were designed to run wild in the forest while learning the skills required for the survival of the tribe. And today our children still carry that same DNA. Our minds and bodies are precisely designed to live wild and free on planet Earth. At Tribal Wisdom Academy we study "Early Humans" by playing the part. We guide children toward rediscovering their historic human potential, so that they can move forward into the modern world with the solid foundation of an authentic human childhood. Your son or daughter will get to experience a personal primal connection to the forest while learning the authentic skills of Early Man. Discover your-story in history. 

Rediscover authentic childhood with a retired natural science teacher who has lived with the Bushmen of the African Kalahari. Ben Jamin Walker has a wealth of knowledge and skills that stem from a lifetime of tribal adventures in over 30 countries. And during the school-years of 1999 through 2014, Ben taught an average of over 2,000 boys and girls per year on hundreds of 5-day forest field trips for Merced County Office of Education in and around Yosemite. Photo below: 

Ben Walker is the Founder and Director of Tribal Wisdom Academy here in the Silicon Valley, and Director of Education for Conservancy Research International in Beijing.

Start Anytime! 

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(May 7 and 21) 

Go to a day of school on Mondays at Tribal Wisdom Academy. Students work together to design projects that they make with our teacher. Students may bring home their smaller projects. Class is held outdoors, with a campfire and our kid-built forest shelters.

oxybeles catapult.jpg

March 19, 2018
(Again in Fall 2018) 


Students will design and assemble their own

 wooden scale model of a crossbow catapult, with several historic sketches for inspiration. These crossbows are intended to shoot clay pellets instead of arrows* 


April 16, 2018
(Again in Fall 2018) 


Make a stone axe or a short spear, and learn Hand-drill Fire-by-Friction*. 

These two skills combined long ago to create the first BBQ, which made abundant calories available to power the large human brain. This energy technology gave us the modern world!*

April 30, 2018



Students will design and build a Rocket Stove with bricks to experiment with how rising heat creates "draft" which feeds oxygen to a combustion chamber. Students will get to collect data using infrared thermometers. 


Then students will apply their experiment data while building a "Dakota Fire Hole" using only rocks and mud.*


May 14, 2018


Use stone tools to make your own wildwood bow. Then learn arrowsmithing and how to tie real feather fletching onto your arrow. Students will also use a bow-drill to learn fire-by-friction.*

Students may repeat this class several times to make more advanced archery equipment with our teachers. 

Note: If parents pay for Mondays with check or PayPal, then your student may use our carpentry tools, saws, power drills, light the campfire, chop firewood and all the fun stuff without restrictions.
 * Ocean Grove policy states that their students cannot shoot the bows and catapults, carve with knives, nor attain fire during the class. These OG classes are held on Mondays. 

 Stone Age Survival class.

Stone Age Survival class.

 Primitive Archer and Arrowsmithing class.

Primitive Archer and Arrowsmithing class.