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Important Info for Camp Parents

Be prepared for cool mountain weather! Click HERE for weather report.

Please wear non-logo shirt, jackets, hats, etc. Logos that are not owned by TWA will greatly complicate our videos. Thank you.

On the weekend before camp, please read our updated Student Behavior Contract with your child to make sure that your child understands the important safety rules. This printable PDF also contains a list of what parents pack for their child, including a good lunch and 3 water bottles. Your child will have fun using our noon campfire to warm-up the lunch that you pack for them. (No nuts. No raw meats. Lunch suggestions include 2 or 3 hotdogs or pre-cooked chicken pieces, bread rolls, uncut fruit, and a maximum of two regular-size marshmallows). Please see the Student Behavior Contract, it's fun to read and alerts kids/parents to Poison Oak and other safety concerns. Most parents have their child sign a copy of the Behavior Contract and keep it in their backpack. 

PARENT SUPPORT 408-898-8204:  Call or text Noon to 6pm during weekends, or 8:30am-5:30pm during summer camp weekdays.

It is a good idea to add Claire Walker, and 408-898-8204 and 408-898-8177 to your phone contacts and VIP Favorites, to ensure that we can contact you for medical or behavior issues. 

No-stress SUMMER CAMP AFTERCARE is anytime required before 5pm. Sign-up on your first day of camp, or anytime that week, (please wait until your child's week of camp to sign-up): TEXT "Aftercare" to 408-898-8177 with your child's full name and pick-up times/dates. The location is near the barn. The cost is $5 per each (or partial) 15-minutes. We wil invoice parents by PayPal on the weekend after camp.

Our E.I.N. (Employment Identification Number) is 47-1937599, Tribal Wisdom Academy, LLC. PO BOX 1086, Los Gatos, CA 95030

MEDICATIONS may be packed by parents in a ziplock, with a note on usage and the child's full name. Give this ziplock to TWA adult staff at our parking lot Sign-in Table. The note should say if parents want us to keep the medication at the camp overnight for the entire week. (Our locked medicine chest is not refrigerated, but under 78 degrees).

   Parents walk up the trail to pick-up kids between 2:30 to 2:44pm.   (No cars on trail).

Parents walk up the trail to pick-up kids between 2:30 to 2:44pm. (No cars on trail).


  • Please pack a good lunch and 3 water bottles.
  • DAILY: bring your child to the Sign-in Table, past the far end of the parking lot. 
  • ARRIVE 8:45 to 8:55am, and have your child meet our staff (GREEN SHIRTS) at the Sign-in Table every morning. Stay with your child until at least 8:45am. 
  • Parents and kids (who have names on waivers) may visit the horses near the Sign-in Table, 8:45-9am. Not before 8:45am.
  • Please put backpacks on the BROWN tarp before 9am, next to the Sign-in Table. See what to bring by reading the Student Behavior Contract.
  • If you arrive later than 9am: please walk with your child to the Tribal Wisdom Academy Forest Campus (follow the green ribbons) to directly drop off your child. And sign-in your child with adult staff wearing the green TWA shirts. 


  • Note the One-Way traffic signs, drive the correct direction 24/7. 
  • Please use the main parking lot and READ the SIGNS.
  • No stopping or parking on our narrow roadways. Big trucks don't wait. 
  • Re-enter Hwy 17 patiently, and without blocking the incoming driveway traffic.  
  • For driving directions please use Google (not Apple maps): just Google “Los Gatos Farms Drive”, no street number or city name is needed. 
  • Or if this is your first time at the farm, see our Location Page.


  • You will see the YELLOW TWA BANNER on the left side of the driveway as you drive to the lower parking lot. The walking trail is there (no cars). See photo above.
  • Please ARRIVE by 2:30pm and park in the same area as in the mornings, without blocking any roads of course. 
  • Parents doing Pick-up: please walk to the Tribal Wisdom Academy Forest Campus between 2:30 and 2:44pm (follow the green ribbons) where your kids will be departing for home at 2:45pm. 
  • Please only take photos/videos of your own child. 
  • Parents who bring along another child during pick-up: Siblings cannot wander the Forest Campus. The parent or guardian may add the child's name to a waiver HERE. Then still ask our staff what the sibling can do on campus (at 2:30-2:45pm only). And the parent must stay within arms-reach of the sibling. Our camp is an outdoor woodshop that requires each camper to be trained in safety procedures. 
  • Parents must leave with their child by 2:45pm. Please don't tour the farm or visit animals after this time. The safety staff will be off duty.
  • At 3pm any remaining children will be brought by TWA staff to the SUMMER CAMP AFTERCARE LOCATION (walk past the main parking lot, on the main center road). Pick-up kids by 5pm. To sign-up for Aftercare: TEXT "Aftercare" to 408-898-8177 with your child's full name and pick-up times/dates. Please wait until the week of your summer camp to contact our scheduling phone number. Advanced scheduling is not needed. The cost is $5 per each (or partial) 15-minutes. 

LGS Recreation Center morning HALF-DAY kids (9am-Noon) who are going home at noon: Parents please pick-up your child directly at the TWA Campus, (follow the green ribbons). Arrive by 11:55am, or your child may stay for the campfire at noon to 1pm for $20/day, or noon to 2:45pm for $50/day. (The Full-Day Camp ends at 2:45pm). Text 408-898-8177 to request dates and times, and please include full name of each child. You may also schedule additional Aftercare as needed up to 5pm.

Each child, infant, and each sibling or friend of any age who enters the property must have their name on a waiver (usually done when you register for camp). Please add extra kids by
 clicking HERE or text this link to the parent:


Age 8-12, (or MIT age 12+) 
Daycamp 9am to 2:45pm
Aftercare until 5pm ($40/day)
June 11-15 (FULL) 
June 18-22 (FULL) 
#3.  June 25-29
#4.  July 9-13 (70%) 
July 16-20 (70%) 
July 23-27 (Filling fast) 
#7.  July 30-Aug 3 (90%) 
#8.  Aug 6-10 (90%) 

If you book 2 or more weeks for your child, the great news is that we have new Maker Projects that alternate between odd and even week numbers. So it is best to choose one odd & one even week. Your personal choice of weeks does not need to be consecutive. And repeating a program week will always still be super fun anyway. Note that our low-cost 4-day Camps are designed to help families afford several weeks of outdoor summer adventure. 

Limit of 4-weeks per summer, per child!


(See our 2018-2019 school-year Class for ages 7-12!)