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2018 SUMMER CAMP planner:

List of camps by child's age:

The below camps are 9am to 2:45pm. 
Optional AFTERCARE is until 5pm, Mon-Thurs.
Use our easy JotForm to book camps,
with 8-weeks to choose from!

  • Age 8-12 $540. TWA AdventureLand 5-day = All weeks 
  • Age 8-12 $392. TWA AdventureLand 4-day = All weeks 
  • Age 12-15 $540. Teen MIT Camp 5-day = All weeks 
  • Age 8-15 $172. Friday 1-day TWA Camp = All weeks
    (Friday 1-day Camp is ideal if you live far away). 
  • Age 7-12 $399. Morning AdventureLand = All weeks
    (Morning AdventureLand is only for horse camp kids).

Please note:  Tribal Wisdom Academy is a summer day camp with options to attend 5-days, 4-days, 1-day, or half-days. (These attendance options are all part of the same ONE camp). The Friday cost does average-out to be higher because blacksmithing is added to the standard daily program. Also note that the various horse camps, below, are a different group of programs run by Los Gatos Farms on the same 30-acre ranch. Siblings of TWA campers may attend these horse camps, but the siblings won't see each other because the two program areas are on opposite sides of the ranch.

Please text or call Claire at
the Camp Office noon to 6pm,
408-898-8204 any day. 

2018 DATE LIST:Age 8-12, (or MIT age 12+) 
Daycamp 9am to 2:45pm
Aftercare until 5pm ($40/day) 
June 11-15 (FULL) 
June 18-22 (FULL) 
#3.  June 25-29
#4.  July 9-13 (80%) 
July 16-20 (90%) 
July 23-27 (Filling fast) 
#7.  July 30-Aug 3 (2 spots left) 
#8.  Aug 6-10 (90%) 


(These are not TWA programs, but these camps are on the same farm):

  • Age 5-7 $464 Wild Kids Horse Camp = All weeks 
  • Age 1-4 $52/day Parent-n-Me Art Class (2hrs/day)
  • Age 7+ $473 All Horse Camp Mornings = All weeks 
  • Age 7+ $823 All Horse Camp (all-day) = All weeks 
  • Age 7+ $412 Equestrian Arts Camp = All weeks 
  • Age 12+ $819 Horse CIT's (2-weeks) = Wk # 2+ or 5+.
  • $1024 Equestrian Boot Camp! = Wk #1 only.

QUESTIONS on Horse Camps:
Toni Kent 408-771-6077

Horse Camp.jpg

SUMMER CAMP AFTERCARE is anytime required before 5pm, Mondays through Thursdays only. (On Fridays, all kids need to be picked up by 2:45pm). Sign-up for Aftercare on your first day of camp, or anytime that week, (please wait until your child's week of camp to sign-up): TEXT "Aftercare" to 408-898-8177 with your child's full name, and your pick up times/dates. The aftercare location is near the goat barn. The cost is $5 per each (or partial) 15-minutes. Pay by check or PayPal on Thursday, when you pick up your child. No-stress.

  Experience adventure and real responsibility.

Experience adventure and real responsibility.

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