Tribal Wisdom Academy  
2018-2019 School Year

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Only 12 students per class. Ages 7 to 10+.

(Or age 6 with parent supervision.) 

TWA Authentic Childhood Development Semesters:
a 10-week course in Fall 2018, and 10-weeks in Spring 2019. 

Choose one or both semesters, while student space remains. RSVP below.

Students may attend 1 or 2 days per week, 11am to 3pm, Mon-Tue-Thursdays.

Or Homeschool Groups may RSVP Wednesday Outdoor Maker Labs as your group's monthly special Park Day, 1:30 - 4pm, during a 10-week semester. 

Wednesdays at 1:30 - 4pm are also available for kids in our local mountain community who get out of school early. Join us for the ultimate in traditional after-school childhood!

We are located on a 30-acre horse ranch near Los Gatos, California, within our own Forest Adventureland. 

  Students build and test and learn, old school! 

Students build, test and learn... old school! Tribal Wisdom Academy is where childhood & adventure are in the curriculum.

"The long years of the world's modern school systems are sadly replacing the time required for actual childhood and the experience required for full human development."  -Ben Walker. 

A Gap-Year for your child: If your child is age 7 to 10 and attends a regular school, we are suggesting that you consider the benefits of taking a year off, and then returning to regular schooling during the following year.

Contact Ben and Claire with the form below to discuss replacing a year of your child's early-elementary school with a year of historic human childhood. 

Besides scheduling many of your child's school days at Tribal Wisdom Academy, parents may also consider registering as homeschoolers with the state of California. Find out how at . 

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Tribal Wisdom Academy is a "Transitional Gap Year" that adds actual real-world experience to the K-12 desk sit. Founders Ben and Claire Walker agree with parents that actual child development is the key that unlocks actual adulthood.

"It’s the strong, healthy, inquisitive and skillful children of the pioneer days who became the adults that built America. We will need those people today, to merge with future technologies and lead world populations sustainably forward." - Ben Walker


Please Note:  These TWA transitional school years are not for children who have behavior issues. Our student/staff ratio only allows us to supervise and mentor children who can be safely trusted with real tools, fire, prehistoric weapons, and real-world responsibility. 

Fall 2018 & Spring 2019
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Parent Name
Parents may tentatively RSVP these WEEKLY class days at the TWA Forest Adventureland. (Reserve your spot now):
11am-3pm. Tuition is $900 per 10-week semester (one day per week). An easy tuition payment plan will be available.
For your Homeschool Support Group, RSVP a MONTHLY Wednesday:
Cost is $480 per school-year (six Wednesdays, 1:30-4pm). Tentatively RSVP a Wednesday and one or both Fall/Spring sessions:
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Awakening a personal connection to history with easy stone tool making... your child's primal human heritage.