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Tribal Wisdom Academy  
2018-2019 School Year classes

1 or 2 days per week.

Ages 7 to 11+

(PARENTS: Please understand that children with behavior issues will be at a high-risk of injury to themselves and others if enrolled in a tool rich maker lab outdoor experience. Our students do not sit at desks. Parents are held responsible for understanding this in the Waiver and in the Student Behavior Contract. TWA Staff-to-Student ratio is not 1:1. TWA is designed to assists parents in authentic childhood development for children with no known behavior risk factors). 

TWA Authentic Childhood Development Semesters:
a 10-week course in Fall 2018, and another 10-weeks in Spring 2019: 
Rain or Shine, your kids outdoors!

Sept 10 to Nov 14, 2018.
March 18 to May 29, 2019

(TWA Spring Break is April 18-28) 

11am to 3pm on your selected days.

Or 1pm-4pm on Wednesdays is also available
for kids in our local mountain community who get out of school early. (Parents usually pick up their kids from school at the beginning of their school's lunch period). 

Choose one or both semesters while student space remains. 

Students may attend a maximum of 2 days per week on Mondays, Tuesdays, and/or Wednesdays. 

We are located on a 30-acre horse ranch near Los Gatos, California. 
HORSE RIDING LESSONS may be booked by parents for our Monday and Wednesday students! It's $75 for one hour during the afternoon of your child's class. Contact Toni Kent directly (408-771-6077) to book riding lessons, after you have booked your TWA class. The horses are a separate program, near the barn, and not part of the TWA program. 

MONDAYS:  Ocean Grove Charter School families may get a purchase order from OGCS. (Tribal Wisdom Academy is Vendor # 15848, Ben Walker). Please use the regular Register Here button below to get your dates now:

TWA 10-week Skill Classes prepare your family for any world future:

  Students build and test and learn, old school! 

Sept 10 to Nov 14, 2018

Week# 1. Pioneer Tools

Wk# 2. First Aid Skills

Wk#3.  Experiential Math (Projectiles) 

Wk# 4. Last Handyman Standing

Wk# 5. The Journey to Fire Safety

Wk# 6. Hot Rod Mechanic

Wk# 7. Boy Scout Cooking

Wk# 8. Survival Sheltercraft

Wk# 9. Natural Science Exploration

Wk# 10. Rescue Ranger Skills

The above new weekly Skill Classes are the theme for all 3 days each week. Ben recommends attending 2 days per week if possible. Give your kids the Gift of Grit. Your child's life in an uncertain world future may easily depend on traditional human skills and raw grit. And these skills are fun!

Mondays include Ocean Grove students, so any sharp objects (and stuff on fire) is not to be handled by those students.

Tuesdays will lead the way toward experiential risk management and childhood development. Please see the video below for an example of deeply educational "make/burn/break" in action. The humans with actual experiential development ... win. And it's great fun. Ben has been doing this for over 50 years, and 4 years at Los Gatos Farms! 

Wednesdays we tone it down, as we have larger groups and local school kids joining us. The theme of the week continues with the same fun projects. Essential experiences in emotional intelligence will take a bigger role with this bigger group. 

The TWO Semesters are Sept 10 to Nov 14, 2018, and March 18 to May 29, 2019. Both semesters use the same 10 class theme categories with different or more advanced activities provided by the teacher/mentors. Students should attend both semesters if possible. Students may start any day of the year, if place remains.

Parents are welcome to stay during the classes. 

Students build, test and learn... old school! Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

WHY join us for the ultimate in traditional outdoor childhood? 

"The long years of the world's modern school systems are sadly replacing the time required for actual childhood, and the experience required for full human development."  

If you are new to being an educator please feel free to contact Devin at TWA, or Ben and Claire Walker, to discuss replacing a year of your child's early-elementary school with a year of historic human childhood. 

Besides scheduling some of your child's weekdays at Tribal Wisdom Academy, parents may also consider registering as homeschoolers with the state of California. Find out how at https://hslda.org(they are a law firm that protects homeschool families, and they have great free information). Ben recommends considering a gap-year recess from our local (great) public and private schools during approximately ages 8 to 10, and again for one school-year during puberty. No one can really debate that a 13 year K-12 desk-sit is how children were designed to be developed into adults. Join our mountain kids on at least Wednesdays to discover where your child stands. 

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"It’s the strong, healthy, inquisitive and skillful children of the pioneer days who became the adults that built America and went to the moon. We will need those people today to merge with future technologies and lead world populations sustainably forward."
 - Ben Walker


These Tribal Wisdom Academy classes at Los Gatos Farms give kids reflective "green time" and builds toward recovery of their personal primal awareness. When children learn traditional pioneer survival skills with their own hands, personal relevance turns the key to lifelong self-motivated learning. It is this gift of authentic childhood that our parents and kids innately seek, deep in their hearts. 
 - Ben Jamin Walker

Stone Tool class.png

Homeschool Groups: If your group has 4+ students interested, they may attend as a group on one Wednesday per month, (or on a Friday if you have more than 10 students). This is 6-days per year, one day per month: Sept-Oct-Nov and March-April-May. Tuition is $480 for the school year, ($80 per student, per day). Please note that Wednesdays do not qualify for Ocean Grove Charter School purchase orders, but Fridays can be arranged as an Ocean Grove day. Have your group email devin@tribalwisdomacademy.com with a list of your support group's email addresses to have Devin organize your TWA monthly class on a Wednesday or Friday. 

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