Tribal wisdom academy
Family Field-trips to China

Mostly ages 9+, and a parent must attend.

Tibetan and Na-shee Tribes
Custom group trips are 10-nights!

Clean and safe Wild China!

See these TWO VIDEOS featuring beautiful Southern China and our epic school field trips!

During our last Tibetan/Na-shee Tribe field trip we were in the ancient mountain town of Lijiang on the Chinese side of the Tibetan Plateau. It was an epic school field trip! Our group of 8 stayed at a lakeside boutique hotel (photo below) that is part of a historic Na-Shee Tribal Village. 


Jade Dragon Mountain
Jade Dragon Mountain is a tribal holy place. It consists of 18 main peaks, which are surrounded by a heavy forest of fir and pine. This wilderness also provides various herbs and fungi that are used to make tribal medicine. Our students experienced pristine forests and alpine meadows. These wild forests also contain bears, mountain goats, wild boar, deer and the mystical snow leopard. Our entire group "climbed" to over 15,000 feet (near the actual summit of Jade Dragon Mountain) via a very long aerial gondola cable system and wooden pathways across the snow. Yes, we all used oxigen tanks!


Lijiang City rests under the foot of Jade Dragon Mountain, which serves as a natural borderland between mainland China and Tibet. Since before the time of the Yuan Dynasty in the late 13th century, Lijiang has been inhabited by a nation of ancient people called Na-shee (locally spelled "Naxi"). The Na-shee are famous for being the most vibrant ethnic group of China. They have preserved a rich and ancient heritage that incorporates prehistoric Tibetan and Mongolian culture.


Interesting Facts about the Na-Shee Tribe:

  • This is only tribe on earth that still uses pictographic writing.

  • The core of Na-shee worldview emphasizes the sisterhood of humans and nature, and the divine origin of human beings.

  • This tribe has a fascinating matriarchal social order. Mom is the boss!

The below list of field trip activities (from our past trip) are tentatively scheduled for families who will join us on our next trip.

  • Riding Tibetan horses to experience the ancient Lasha Tea Trail

  • Near summit hike on Jade Dragon Mountain

  • Na-shee cloth dye-crafting class

  • Baisha old town culture tour

  • Travel along the headwaters of the Yangtze River

  • Hike to the bottom of Tiger Leaping Gorge, (the Grand Canyon of China)

  • Lijiang Dayan old town walking tour, with hundreds of craft shops

  • Na-shee traditional bamboo toy making (bamboo squirt guns)

  • Rare and migratory lakeside bird watching expedition

  • Kayaking on Lashi Lake, right outside our dining hall windows

  • Fishing by boat with our local staff

  • Na-shee traditional bread and tea making

  • Experience of tribal agriculture and farm-to-table daily dining

  • Matriarchal Na-shee women's group campfire dance night

  • Service Projects at the village Chinese School

  • Service Projects at a Tibetan Monastery

  • Service Project at an orphanage

  • Mandarin lessons

  • TWA mentoring of students

  • And very valuable parent social time

Total Cost: This field trip is only $2,450 per person, (plus your costs of passport, visa, and airfare to Lijiang). TWA provides everything else, including great meals, lodging, and our expert program.

The Tibetan Plateau region of China is known for pristine nature and ancient cultures. Yes, pristine and wild nature in southern China! Child/parent teams will experience modern and ancient Chinese culture, and experience a Tribal Wisdom Academy experiential education standard that will raise the bar...for life. And this includes staying at a waterfront boutique hotel. 

Email or Text to Claire Walker to get started:  408-898-8204

  We also have a sister summer camp in China that features staff trained by Ben and Claire Walker.

We also have a sister summer camp in China that features staff trained by Ben and Claire Walker.