2019 Staff Application:

Are you a role-model of traditional tool skills, safe practices, good character, mindfulness, and deep nature connection?

"Tribal Wisdom Academy guides children in experiencing the primal technology and knowledge required for an authentic human childhood. These traditional skills equip our students for adventures together in our wild forest Adventureland (outdoor maker-space) with Adult Mentor supervision. We prepare kids and families for any world future."  - Ben Walker 

Jobs & Work Dates:

  • Summer Day Camp Staff 2019: Mon-Fri, 8:30am-3:30pm, June 3 - Aug 30 (or just June 10 - Aug 16). Apply NOW. Located at Los Gatos Farms near Santa Cruz, CA. This is a well paid job with a great team.

  • Mentor Intern (ages 16 or 17) volunteer work during any two weeks of summer.

  • Advisor/Instructor at China's first Outdoor School: Our best staff are offered free travel, meals, a log cabin and a good salary at our pioneer environmental education camp on a huge property in mainland China. Mid-June thru August, plus possible employment offers all year.

  • School field trips Leader Positions: to ancient tribal villages in China's Tibetan Plateau region, and to the Szechuan Panda Sanctuary in the wilderness of Southern China. Paid jobs available every Spring Break and Nov/December.

Note that all staff must be vetted with excellent references. And TWA requires adults to pass a LiveScan DOJ/FBI Fingerprint Background Check. See the full list of criteria as detailed in the Job Application. 

Catch our camp video on our Summer Camp Page. We are located near Los Gatos, California. Staff need reliable transportation to work. See our Camp Location. Los Gatos Farms is the biggest outdoor summer camp in Los Gatos, with 10 summer camp programs during 8-weeks! (Plus school-year programs).

Qualifications for adult staff:

  • Ability to mentor and care for children as they play outdoors.

  • Trainable in fun outdoor skills, (you will learn amazing stuff here!).

  • Excellent situational awareness while supervising groups of children.

  • Experienced in being outdoors all day.

  • Ability to make sound judgments and decisions.

  • Ability to lift and/or move up to 60 lbs.

  • Ability to walk and run with kids at our mountain/forest work location.

  • Communicate clearly in excellent English with kids and parents.

  • First-Aid and CPR certification.

  • Must pass a standard TB test.

  • Must pass a DOJ/FBI fingerprint background check and be over age 18.

  • Pass BSA online certification in Youth Protection Training.

  • Get an online California Campfire Permit.

  • Must have reliable transportation to camp (Google Map location: “Los Gatos Farms Drive”).

  • Optionally work at our amazing summer camp in China if mutually agreeable.


  • Assure that the day camp operates in a safe manner at all times.

  • Implement small-to-large group activities and actively mentor, lead, and engage campers.

  • Facilitate camper development in outdoor living skills, recreation activities, social skills, honesty, good values, multicultural and environmental awareness.

  • Create a safe environment for all staff, campers, and parents.

  • Oversee or teach program activities for designated groups, as trained.

  • Must inform Director immediately of any issues, injuries, or behavior problems.

  • Comply with our policy of zero tolerance for all alcohol-tobacco use (etc) during work. And no alcohol/etc during the 8 hours before work.

  • Clean, kind and adoring communication skills with children.

  • Attend all required staff meetings and camp staff training.

  • Lead children in epic and safe adventures.


  • Allow children to have an actual childhood that is full of real adventures.

  • Create unstoppable self-directed lifelong learners that can get into any career or college that they choose.

  • Focus on moral character and sustainability.

  • Help families find a balance between self-reliance and community.

  • Train kids to thrive in any world future with an intertwining of paleolithic survival skills and modern day life-skills.

  • Connect students with how the natural world provides all of our food and raw materials, in today's advancing technological world.

  • Train some of our staff to pioneer China's first Outdoor School.

  • Save the world.

  • Have a lot of fun.

Apply online and you may also email a cover letter to claire@tribalwisdomacademy.com