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Leadership School for Teens 2019

The M.I.T. work/leadership training camp is for teens, age 12 to 16, who have already attended TWA programs anytime during the past 2 years, (or who attend one week during the current summer as a regular Big Kid camper before doing an MIT week). Your teen will be assigned to our adult Mentors for training in leadership and job skills. Parents may choose any week of the summer. No application is needed, although if your teen has difficulty with his/her leadership responsibilities, he/she can simply continue the week as a regular camper, (very fun too). 

MIT hours are 9am to 2:45pm, Monday to Friday.

Leadership School cost is $540. (Get free weeks later, if your teen works hard).

Choose any of the 11 summer weeks! 

The limit is only 3 MIT mentorships per week. 

Or if you think that your teen just wants to go to camp (and not be an MIT), your teen may sign-up as a regular 5-day, 4-day, or Friday camper to focus on wilderness skills and building stuff, please sign-up HERE. We keep our teens busy each week with advanced building projects, and it’s okay if your teen just needs to be a kid. Our famous “Big Kid Hill” is covered in forts projects and tree houses that are reserved for our older kids.

Parents may Go-Ahead and REGISTER HERE, (or instead use the below form to have Ben Walker contact you if you have questions):

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Text or email anytime all year:

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