November 2018 Enrollments

at Los Gatos Farms

Special 2018 THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY CAMP Week #11 is on Mon-Tue-Wed, (Nov 19, 20, and/or 21, 11am-3pm on Mon-Tue, and 1pm-4:30pm on Wednesday). Sign-up (or add) one or more of days with this PayPal Button:

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TWA Authentic Childhood Development Semesters:
in Fall 2018, and 10-weeks in Spring 2019: 
Rain or Shine, your kids outdoors!

Now through Nov 21, 2018

On Wednesdays please send you child with a hardy snack (or serious hotdog meal) for the 4pm-4:30pm closing campfire, (on Wednesdays only). Both Monday and Wednesday have a lunchtime campfire available as well. Wednesdays are 1pm to 4:30pm, and Mondays are 11am to 3pm

Kids in our local mountain community who get out of school early on Wednesdays may arrive late if needed. (Parents usually pick up their kids from school at the beginning of their school's lunch period). 

Students may attend one or both days per week (Mon and/or Wed). 

We are located on a 30-acre horse ranch near Los Gatos, California. 

TWA 10-week Skill Classes prepare your family for any world future:

Wk #1. Pioneer Tools 

Wk# 2. First Aid Skills 

Wk# 3.  Experiential Math (Projectiles) 

Wk# 4. Last Handyman Standing 

Wk# 5. The Journey to Fire Safety 

Wk# 6. Hot Rod Mechanic 

Wk# 7. Boy Scout Cooking 

Wk# 8. Survival Sheltercraft 

Wk# 9. (Nov 5th or 7th) Natural Science Exploration 


Wk# 10. (Nov 12th or 14th) Rescue Ranger Skills 

Wk# 11 (Nov 19, 20, and/or 21) Special THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY CAMP on Mon-Tue-Wed, (11am-3pm on Mon-Tue, and 1pm-4:30pm on Wednesday). Sign-up (or add) one or more of these days with the PayPal Button at the top of this page.

Stone Tool class.png

Wednesdays 1pm to 4:30pm: We have larger groups and local school kids joining us. The theme of the week continues with the same fun projects. Experiences in emotional intelligence will take a bigger role with the bigger Wednesday group. 

Mondays 11am-3pm include our local Ocean Grove students, so any sharp objects (and stuff on fire) is not to be handled by those students. And the students from Ocean Grove Charter School may get a purchase order from from their school. (Tribal Wisdom Academy is Vendor # 15848, Ben Walker). Please use the registration button below to RSVP your dates now, and then we will contact you about which Mondays your Charter School approves. Most of our Ocean Grove families choose to just pay the tuition themselves, and get our full program. Try-out one weekday HERE with PayPal.

Students build, test and learn... old school! Mondays and Wednesdays.

WHY join us for the ultimate in traditional outdoor childhood? 

"The long years of the world's modern school systems are sadly replacing the time required for actual childhood, and the experience required for full human development."  

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