2019 Registration is OPEN NOW!

2019 Registration is OPEN NOW!

Tribal Wisdom Academy
Summer 2019
Day Camps
Ages 5 to 16

June 3 to Aug 23
at Los Gatos Farms

(Horse Riding Lessons optional)
Age 8 to 11+
9am - 2:45pm
5-day Mon-Fri

or 4-day Mon-Thurs
or 1-day Friday Blacksmithing!


(Includes one Tues or Thurs horse ride)
Age 5 to 7
9am - 3pm
5-day Mon-Fri

or 4-day Mon-Thurs
or 1-day Wild Kid Friday!
(Must be age 5 by June 1, 2019)


MIT Teen Staff Camps
(Mentor-in-Training Leadership School, located at the above two camps).
Age 12 to 16
9am - 3pm
5-day Mon-Fri

Automatic monthly Payment Plans are available for parents registering now.

Video: Last year Summer Camp kids building forts!

Ages 5 to 16:

$540 5-day Camps 
$392 4-day Camps
1-day Fridays

Get your 2019 dates:
#1.  June 3-7
#2.  June 10-14
#3.  June 17-21
#4.  June 24-28
#5.  July 8-12
#6.  July 15-19
#7. July 22-26
#8.  Jul 29-Aug 2
#9. Aug 5-9
#10. Aug 12-16
#11. Aug 19-23

CAMP is April 8-12

SPRING BREAK Week is April 8-12 (age 5 to 12, with the same times, costs, and day choices as the summer camps).

Also please see our March-April-May 2019 after-school Wednesday Classes happening at the farm!

Description of the Camps:

ADVENTURE MAKER Summer Day Camps (ages 8 to 11+ and teens too): With optional Horse Riding Lessons during 5-day camps. At this big-kid camp your children are Makers! Campers are free to participate in our daily maker projects or they may invent their own projects as well. Our campers appreciate TWA's open space, raw materials, real tools, and the support of adult mentors. Tribal Wisdom Academy summer camp Big Kids carve wooden projects and build tree houses with hammers-n-nails in our wild forest AdventureLand! The Tree House Village includes kid-made zip-lines, slack-lines and tree swings. This gives children traditional social development, with safe Mentor guidance. We believe that whole-child development requires playing the "non-virtual reality games" of an authentic human childhood. Our staff guides your child in real-world body/brain/character development.

Each of our camps start at 9am Monday to Friday, with an option for attending only Monday thru Thursday, or just on Fridays! And aftercare is available until 5pm daily.

To see the Friday 1-day Blacksmithing Camp page and videos, please click HERE, (ages 8+). The Wild Kid Friday kids have their own special program, too!

OPTIONAL: To get an RSVP for Horse Riding Lessons (all ages) during 5-day camps, please register for camp before February 28th 2019. Spots are limited.

WILD KID HORSE & NATURE CAMPS (age 5 to 7): Includes one horse ride! Come experience fun outdoor adventures with friendly farm animals and professional Tribal Wisdom Academy Mentors! Your child will explore 30 acres of nature among the oaks and redwoods. Every day of the week offers a variety of fun activities including holding and hugging chickens, playing with baby goats and ponies, plus group games, nature hikes and daily take-home crafts! Campers will blaze their way through our private mountain forest ranch during scavenger hunts and creek walks. Kids will build forts and forest rope swings. This new 2019 camp (for ages 5 to 7) is now run by Tribal Wisdom Academy, and includes a younger-kid version of what parents see in our 50 camp videos on Facebook. Join us on this incredible summer camp experience at Los Gatos Farms!

And the Los Gatos Farms WILD KID FRIDAY for ages 5 to 14 features the famous Tuff Muddy Obstacle Course, Tie-dye shirt making, and a full 9am to 3pm camp program! 

The above 2 summer day camps (for the two main age groups) are located on separate ends of the same forest mountain ranch.

A third camp group is the Teen MIT (Mentor-in-Training) Leadership School. They work with the professional adult staff at both camps.


  • Age 8 to 11+

  • Ninja Arts

  • Real Tools

  • Tomahawks

  • Power Drills

  • Bow Carving

  • Blowgunning

  • Fire-by-Friction

  • Robin Hood Skills

  • Kid-made Ziplines

  • Campfires at lunch

  • Treehouse Building

  • Forest Forts and Digs

  • Tree-to-tree Slacklines

  • Take-home Daily Project

  • Fun with Tribal Economics

  • Friday Blacksmithing (age 8+)


  • Now a Tribal Wisdom Academy program!

  • Age 5 to 7

  • and WILD KID Friday is age 5-14.

  • Some of our Big Kid Camp Skills

  • Great TWA adult Mentor Staff

  • Build forts and Rope Swings

  • Lots of animal time

  • Find chicken eggs

  • Daily craft projects

  • Carve soft woods

  • Natural Sciences

  • One horse ride

Mentor-in-Training Leadership School for Teens

The M.I.T. work/leadership training camp is for younger teens, age 12 to 16, who have already attended TWA programs anytime during the past 4 years, (or who attend one week during the current summer as a regular Big Kid camper before doing an MIT week). Your teen will be assigned to our adult Mentors who train teens in leadership and job skills. Parents may choose any week of the summer. No application is needed, although if your teen has difficulty with his/her leadership responsibilities, he/she can simply continue the week as a regular camper, (very fun too). MIT hours are 9am to 2:45pm, Monday to Friday. Leadership School cost is $540. Choose any of the 11 weeks! The limit is only 3 MIT Mentorships per week. 

Or if you think that your teen just wants to go to camp (and not be an MIT), your teen may sign-up as a regular 5-day, 4-day, or Friday camper to focus on wilderness skills and building stuff. We keep our teens busy each week with advanced building projects, and it’s okay if your teen just needs to be a kid. Our famous “Big Kid Hill” is covered in forts and tree houses that are reserved for our older kids.

Aftercare 3pm-5pm

SUMMER CAMP AFTERCARE is anytime required by parents before 5pm, Mondays through Fridays. Sign-up for Aftercare on your first day of camp, or anytime that week, (please wait until your child's week of camp to sign-up): TEXT "Aftercare" to 408-898-8177 with your child's full name, the name of the authorized adult who will pick up your child, and your pick up times/dates. The camp aftercare playground is 50 yards past the farm parking lot. The cost is $5 per each (or partial) 15-minutes. Pay on Thursday or Friday. No-stress.

TWA school and camp founders Ben & Claire Walker have had a lifetime of careers in environmental and experiential education. Our Tribal Wisdom Academy adult team of Mentors are role-models of pioneer skills, safe practices, good character, mindfulness, and deep nature connection. We ensure that your child is getting a true mentorship and an authentic childhood experience, as expressed in our photos and camp videos from the past 4 summers at Los Gatos Farms. Ben Jamin Walker has been teaching kids outdoors for forty years!

The TWA historic childhood experience equips your child for any world future.

Payment Plan
for families who register in February!
$392 = 4-day Camps:
$540 = 5-day Camps: 
$148 = 1-day Friday Camps: $37./mo
(4 automatic monthly payments) 

Tribal Wisdom Academy, LLC
Camp Los Gatos
E.I.N. # 47-1937599

Text or email anytime all year:

Camp Office: text 408-898-8177