Knot Fu™  Adult workshop

(Sons and daughters, age 9+, may attend with a parent)

Knot Fu™ Knights are FUN knot tying WORKSHOPS can be booked on various weekday or weekend nights.

Most of our Padawans are adults, but Younglings over 9-years-old may attend. Sign-up yourself or your group for the K1 class by using the Paypal Button, contact Ben before or afterward to set a date. Both newbies and knot experts will be floored by each workshop level. Locations vary in the Greater Bay Area, but happen primarily in Los Gatos or San Jose, California. We meet at a local bar or at your house. These sessions are social, yet teach very serious skills. Start with a private lesson, then get inspired to book your own adult Knot Fu Party, skill workshop, or bar night with Sensei Ben as your "Knotical DJ". 

Sensei Ben has been hired by many Scout Troops, Cub Packs, and taught at Scoutmaster Roundtables and Training Courses. As well, Girl Scout Troops (and Ben's daughters) have proven themselves as Knot Fu Jedi. Watch out boys! To get a Troop meeting visit, click HERE.

Tribal Wisdom Academy is not affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America.


Tuition is per person:
$36/hr per person. You may create a group of friends of up to seven Padawans. Get a reservation by using the Paypal Button. It is only $72 for your first 2 hour private class. Get friends to sign up later! 

For example, for only $288 you can have 2 hours of crazy Knot Fu fun with your group of 4 friends or Scouters at your house, your backyard BBQ, or at your favorite pub. Text or call Ben for available 2017 dates ( 408-898-8222 ).

Reserve a Knot Fu session, choose your date later:
First name of Padawans (& age)

Later you can book one night each week for a month if you like. The progressive Knot Fu Levels (K1, K2, Blackbelt, etc) will require time, but this stuff is really addictive. So no worries, it will be a fun and exciting journey.

Ben Jamin Walker is the inventor and originator of Knot Fu™, beginning with many years of development work in the 1970's. As the World Grand Master, Sensei Ben moves rope with apparent magic. And as a BSA summer camp Scoutcraft Director, Ben was often referred to as "The Jedi Boy Scout". But being "Ben" (instead of "Jed"), the term "Benjai" was born. Enthusiastic students call themselves:  "The Benjai".  When you see the magical ways of Knot Fu™ in action, you will understand the enthusiasm. It is crazy fun!

K1. Knot Fu Lin Jedi

(Award is a super cool rope for practicing your new skills)

This K1 hands-on workshop introduces Grand Master Ben Jamin Walker's very easy methods of tying and untying knots. Ben uses this first session to prepare you for the Knot Fu journey ahead. Beginners will discover the magic of skillful knot tying, and "veteran knot-knuts" will discover their long-lost tribe! 

This 3-hour "Not Foolin' Jedi" workshop teaches what Ben considers to be the essential foundational skills and attitudes of Knot Fu™. You can learn K1 in two sessions if you like. It is also a prerequisite to the Comprehensive K2 Knot Fu Workshop. In this K1 workshop we will blow your mind. 

K1 Take home skills:

  • Introduction to how various knots are surprisingly related, and can be learned together in systematic progression with ease.
  • Learn to tie shoes with the "locked double-slipping square knot".
  • Tie the "one-handed bowline".
  • Level-one square knots and sheet bends.
  • Chain Hitches and rope coils.
  • Slip Knots, Stopper Knots, the Figure-8, and Follow-thru-knots.
  • The power to believe in extreme levels of Knot Fu™, as you experience Sensei Ben untying knots without even touching them.

K2. Knot Fu Scout


This deeply comprehensive workshop teaches both beginners and experts the easy Knot Fu™ method of learning the main knot families and how to use them. Boy Scouts, sailors, hunters, mountain climbers and outdoorsmen will gain Knot Fu as a powerful and impressive tool. This deeply comprehensive class is designed for beginner adults (kids welcome) and veteran experts of all ages.

K2 Take home skills: 

You will experience the Benjai Bowline, learn the magical Knot Fu Clove Hitches, exercise exact methods to acquire the two-half hitch, tautline, timber hitch, plus various sheetbends and the butterfly. 

K3.  Knot Fu Blackbelt 


This 3rd workshop is where "Kansas-is-going-bye-bye", (a quote from the movie, "The Matrix"). As a prerequisite your hands and mind will need at least 5 days of practicing the Knot Fu skills learned in the K1 and K2 workshops. As a Knot Fu Blackbelt you will be adding speed and style to the K2 techniques. You will also get new K3 knots and new levels.

K3 Take home skills:

Ben will give you as much as you can personally handle, like various one-handed knots, the complete Clove Hitch Kata, the famous Benjai Sheetbends and Bowlines, the elusive Monkey's Fist, the Lariat Loop, the Sheep Shank, Trucker's Hitch and various secrets of the universe.

K4. Knot Fu Sensei


This workshop is for potential teachers of Knot Fu™. The rank of Sensei is awarded on an individual basis by Grand Master Ben. The K4 Sensei level will develop your stage-presence and your own Sensei-persona. Ben will also guide you in perfecting your technique in each knot, and reveal to you deeper levels of Knot Fu, and new skills like "Splice Fu" (required to teach the Pioneering Merit Badge to Boy Scouts). 

Call or text Sensei Ben at 408-898-8222 or email

Knot Fu and Tribal Wisdom Academy are trademarks of Tribal Wisdom Academy, LLC, and are not affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. Ben is a currently registered BSA Merit Badge Counselor for Pioneering, Wilderness Survival, Orienteering and nine other merit badges in the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council.  

Attention Scouts and Scouters - March 3, 2018: I'm teaching a class at the University of Scouting in San Jose. (Click HERE for the details for the March 2018 class).